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The Importance of Showing Up

Lately, I’ve struggled with writing, finding inspiration, and connecting with my creative side. Because of this, when I came across this TED Talk again—I discover this wonderful talk by Elizabeth Gilbert, Your Elusive Creative Genius, a few years back—and I wanted to share.

If you’re struggling with your creative genius, and even if you’re not, take a moment to listen to this great talk about the importance of showing up. Continue reading “The Importance of Showing Up”


The Importance of Putting Yourself Out There


Writers tend to be introverts, I know I am, and, because of that, putting ourselves out there isn’t always the easiest thing. So, to branch out of my comfort zone, I attended a writing group earlier today. In this group, various speakers spoke up about attending writing fairs and how to market yourself as a writer. Continue reading “The Importance of Putting Yourself Out There”

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