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Five Things I Learned from Self-Publishing…

(or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Amazon)

Last December, I dipped a toe into the ocean of self-publishing with my short story, Hide and Seek. The world of publishing has been changing for a long time, thanks to the internet and that beautiful creature called social networking.

Through self-publishing, authors no longer need agents or publishers to get their work into readers’ hands.  This route also gives us a heck of a lot more creative control over everything from the actual content of the book, to formatting, to the way the cover looks.

There are pros and cons to each path, of course…but I’ll cover those some other time. Today I’d like to go over the five most important lessons that I learned on my first foray into this world. Continue reading “Five Things I Learned from Self-Publishing…”


How To Discover Your Brand and Why You Need It

colored-pencils-374771_1920A few months ago, I was at a writing conference and one of the speakers spoke about the importance of creating your own brand or signature look. In his case, tie dye shirts are his staple of how he stands out from the crowd. While others have created some other kind of persona.

Personally, I’m not a stand out from the crowd kind of person. That doesn’t mean I don’t have my own brand. My name is my brand; and, I would say for most authors their name is their brand. But what does that mean? In a sense, who are you and what do you want your name to say about you? What do you want your readers to think when they hear your name?

As writers, published or not, have you taken a moment to decide on your brand? Perhaps you know what genre you want to write in, or have a few you are dappling in, but having a strong sense of who you are will help you as you put yourself out there more. Continue reading “How To Discover Your Brand and Why You Need It”

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