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February 2016

Make The Most Of Your Writing Group


Writing groups are an excellent resource for writers. Last year, while attending a writer’s conference, one of the speakers spoke about writing groups and getting the most out of your them.

Sharing your writing—especially when you’re starting out—can be intimidating and scary. The important thing to remember is we’ve all been there. We know how vulnerable you feel about putting yourself out there and this is part of the process of being a writer. If you’re still having a hard time sharing your writing, check out Susan Jeffers book, Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway, for tips to help you move through your fear.

Once you’ve decided to share your work with others, the next thing to do is find a writing group. Continue reading “Make The Most Of Your Writing Group”


Five Things I Learned from Self-Publishing…

(or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Amazon)

Last December, I dipped a toe into the ocean of self-publishing with my short story, Hide and Seek. The world of publishing has been changing for a long time, thanks to the internet and that beautiful creature called social networking.

Through self-publishing, authors no longer need agents or publishers to get their work into readers’ hands.  This route also gives us a heck of a lot more creative control over everything from the actual content of the book, to formatting, to the way the cover looks.

There are pros and cons to each path, of course…but I’ll cover those some other time. Today I’d like to go over the five most important lessons that I learned on my first foray into this world. Continue reading “Five Things I Learned from Self-Publishing…”

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