Writers tend to be introverts, I know I am, and, because of that, putting ourselves out there isn’t always the easiest thing. So, to branch out of my comfort zone, I attended a writing group earlier today. In this group, various speakers spoke up about attending writing fairs and how to market yourself as a writer.

One speaker, Jared Quan, spoke about the importance of putting yourself out there, volunteering, advertising  yourself, and being resourceful in how you market yourself. Two examples that stood out while he was talking was 1) when promoting your book, have the person hold your book while you talk them (gives a more personal connection and, in his personal experience, has helped to sell more books); and 2) be resourceful through partnering up with another author to share a table at a conference (saves you some money) or volunteer to speak at an event in lieu of a fee.

There are various ways you can promote and market yourself, especially when thinking outside of the box. What are some things you can think of to get yourself out there more and market yourself and your books?