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November 2015

The Importance of Putting Yourself Out There


Writers tend to be introverts, I know I am, and, because of that, putting ourselves out there isn’t always the easiest thing. So, to branch out of my comfort zone, I attended a writing group earlier today. In this group, various speakers spoke up about attending writing fairs and how to market yourself as a writer. Continue reading “The Importance of Putting Yourself Out There”


Say What? Connecting With Your Characters


In my circle, my friends have gotten used to me talking about my characters giving me the silent treatment. For me, my writing style is very character driven and one where I let my characters do the talking while I watch (and write) the scene.

Every writer has their own writing process and the way they create and write their characters. If you’re writing a story that is heavily character driven, take a moment to get to know them better by interviewing them.

While you’re getting to know your characters, remember to not spend all your time on the interview process. Many writers get distracted by this and never get their stories written. Also, sometimes characters will start to reveal themselves as you move forward in your story. Continue reading “Say What? Connecting With Your Characters”

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